The May Roundup

Can you believe we're almost halfway through 2018?! I love looking ahead in anticipation of what's to come, but there's also something so fun about reminiscing! May was an absolute whirlwind for me - between trips to New York, to Chicago & back to LA, I racked up a ton of airline miles. (Lol!)

I hope you'll enjoy looking back at May with me - I love being able to bring the #melisfam behind the scenes!

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Mother's Day Moments

CALIA by Carrie helped my sister, Erica, & I to surprise my mom with a trip to New York to workout with Carrie Underwood & her Mom for Mother's Day! Living so far away from my family isn't always easy, but no matter how often I get to see them, we always make the most of the every single moment together - & that's what's important! This day will definitely go down in our family history as one of the best Mother's Days ever!

Yoga Tip Tuesdays

I'm so passionate about spreading the word that there's really no such thing as an "advanced" yoga pose! When I first started practicing yoga, I always chose more difficult poses over "basic" poses. I was so caught up in proving to everyone that I was fit & flexible & strong that I didn't listen to my body - I did what I thought I should be doing, not what actually felt good. The only person you should be worried about during your practice is you! Sometimes you're going to want to pop into a headstand, other days you're going to want to rest in child's pose - & that's okay! Yoga isn't a linear practice. Always be honest with yourself & do what your body needs that day.

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Giving Back with Raw Sugar

On May 17th, Raw Sugar Living donated 1 MILLION bars of soap to families in need via Direct Relief! Making the world a better place is so important to me & I was so honored to be included in the celebration! I got to spend the day in Downtown LA at the Union Rescue Mission, handing out household necessities to mothers & children in need & it was the most beautiful experience! Read more about my experience giving back here.


New York is Always a Good Idea

I feel so lucky to be able to travel as much as I do! This month I spent a week in New York sightseeing, working & eating at my favorite spots! Next time you're in New York, make sure to visit my top three favorite eateries:

1. Russ & Daughters (Jewish)
2. Pasquale Jones (Italian)
3. Au Za'atar (Lebanese/ Middle Eastern)

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My Very Own Prince Harry

I absolutely love having any excuse to dress up with Harry! I think he looks handsome every day, but there's just something about my very own Prince Harry in a suit! Last month we got to travel to Arizona to celebrate our friends' wedding & it was EVERYTHING. The ceremony was absolutely gorgous & it was so great to catch up with old friends. So many of you messaged me about my dress - you can find it here!

132 Days Until Our Wedding Day

The wedding countdown is going strong! Harry & I still have a few details left to plan, but wedding planning has been the most fun experience so far! This month we finally decided on music! I wanted to go with a DJ instead of a band because I need to be able to listen to my favorite 50 Cent, Drake & Jay-Z songs! Harry told me he knew I was his soulmate when he told me this (LOL) & I'm so happy that we are on the same page!

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Thanks for looking back at all of the amazing experiences & events that May held for me! What was your favorite May moment? Let me know in the comments below! xo Melis

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