Test Driving the Lexus LC!


I couldn’t have been more excited to touch down in LA last week with my sister Erica. As I get closer to my due date (January 8th) I just want to explore and travel as much as possible! My sister and I joked that this was our little “babymoon” together as sisters. For such an exciting trip I wanted test out a car that was equally as adventurous and exciting. I was lucky enough to be able to test drive the insanely gorgeous Lexus LC model which in my opinion is the pinnacle of luxury and sport.

The LC is a beautifully designed performance coupe that signals a new era for Lexus. The car includes a 10-speed transmission, hand-stitched interior and high-touch materials that elevate the LC to the highest level of sophistication. I also love that the vehicle was featured in one of my favorite Marvel films, Black Panther! The car couldn’t have been a better choice for our trip, we drove it up into the Hollywood Hills and it hugged the road so seamlessly and also it was also so easy to drive, which I loved! LA can be very congested with so much traffic and I felt like we were in our own little world driving around town in the LC. I am excited to continue to explore more models from Lexus but this one gets a 10/10 review from me! I can’t wait to hopefully drive one again soon!! Xo Melis

To learn more visit: http://www.lexus.com/models/LC

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