(Jackfruit) Taco Tuesday

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If you’ve never heard of jackfruit, you’re not alone. Jackfruit only recently emerged as a trending food in 2017, alongside another millennial favorite: avocado toast. A healthy and sustainable vegan meat replacement, jackfruit is a fruit with a consistency similar to that of pulled pork. It’s flavor profile is fairly neutral, so it absorbs any sauce or seasoning you put on it with fervor. It also contains no saturated fat or cholesterol and is low in both calories and sodium! If you hand someone a jackfruit taco & don’t tell them that it’s vegan, they probably won’t even notice that they’re not eating meat. That’s how similar the consistencies are! 

Tacos are one of those meals where you could put almost any combination of savory ingredients in a tortilla and call it a day, but our favorite jackfruit tacos are quite simple. 

Here’s our go-to recipe: 


Corn tortillas

Canned jackfruit (Using canned versus fresh is a matter of preference, but also a matter of effort. A whole jackfruit weighs between 30 and 50 POUNDS. You could go down to your local grocery store, heft one of those bad boys into your cart, take it home and cut it open or you could grab a can of jackfruit off of the shelf. I’ve also seen pre-seasoned pouches at Whole Foods in mouth-watering flavors like BBQ & Chili Lime!)

Black beans




This part’s easy! Simply throw a teaspoon of coconut oil (or your favorite type of oil to cook with) into a pan on Medium, add in all of the filling ingredients & let them sauté for a few minutes! If you want your taco to be extra toasty, try placing your tortilla on the burner for a few seconds to warm it up.

And voilà! You’ve prepared delicious, plant-based tacos and tried a new food to boot! (Your picky childhood self would be horrified!) But remember, this recipe is one of hundreds you could use to prepare a healthy Taco Tuesday masterpiece.

What are some of your go-to taco fillings? Try adding your favorite sauce or your favorite vegetables to personalize this recipe and make it your own!