Why a Prenatal Vitamin is Important and Why I Chose Ritual


When I first got pregnant, so many people made taking a prenatal seem like such a negative experience. They were described to me as “HUGE HORSE PILLS that will make you SO Nauseous”, but what they didn’t know is I had already found (and had been taking) a prenatal that didn’t fit into any of those categories that I truly look forward to taking every single day.

I want to back up for a minute and talk about prenatal vitamins in general and why they are so important to take. Although you can get a lot of the nutrients you need from food alone, in reality it can be almost impossible to do so. When you take a prenatal you help fill nutritional gaps in your diet so that you can support every stage of your pregnancy, from thinking, trying, expecting and beyond. I started my prenatal about 4 months before getting pregnant because I knew I was hoping to conceive in the near future and I am so happy I did.

Now that you know why taking a prenatal is so important, it’s time to choose the prenatal that is best for you. I did so much research and all signs (and recommendations) kept pointing back to Ritual’s Essential Prenatal. The first thing I loved about Ritual is that it contains 12 essential nutrients needed to support your body and your baby before and during pregnancy. Not only are they all listed out on their site (and their relevance to your pregnancy) but Ritual is extremely transparent about where they source their ingredients from. For example, the Vitamin B12 used in their prenatal is sourced right from Bridgeport, Connecticut and on their site you can learn more about each manufacturer and how the ingredient was developed. The amount of information they provide on every single ingredient you are putting into your body is amazing and incredibly comforting for a mother to be.

The other huge selling points for me was that the vitamin comes in a no-nausea capsule design, I never felt nauseous taking Ritual and on top of that their prenatal is vegan certified, gluten and allergen free, non-GMO, and has no colorants or synthetic fillers. Each bottle also has a lemon tab inside to keep it fresh and the prenatal has a hint of delicious citrusy essence when you take it! They are making a prenatal that I feel so confident and happy taking everyday - as an expecting mom I just want to do the best I can by my baby and give her everything she needs.


They also have a great women’s multi if you’re not in this stage in your life! To try Ritual out for yourself go to Ritual.com/melissametrano

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