Fix Your Posture NOW: 5 Exercises for Better Posture


Having good posture is SO important. Not only can it reduce back pain, potential injury and stress on your muscles but it can also help improve your strength and flexibility. If you feel your posture is a littled hunched, I want to show you 5 amazing exercises to practice daily that can help!

Before we get into those, it’s important to start at the root of the cause. Your bad posture may stem from your feet if your feet hyper-pronate (arches collapse and ankles roll in), meaning they aren’t able to properly support your body. I have this problem so I started using  PROFOOT Posture Insoles work to correct this.

PROFOOT posture insoles are made from lightweight materials blown and compressed to mimic the curves of foot to ensure maximum support! They have a stabilizing heel cup which provides support to help stand straight and reduce pronation we talked about above. In addition  they have orthotic arch support to ensure support for back and spinal strengthening, pushing from foot up to stand straighter. They also fit all of my shoes comfortably. I highly recommend having these in your shoes daily and when working out, they will help so much! You can shop them here!

Ok let’s get into these exercises:

Reverse Plank


This exercise is one of the most effective for building good posture. Reverse plank stretches open your chest, while building muscle in your back & core. Hold for 15 seconds x 3x.



Squats are going to stabilize your core and stretch out your hips and lower back. Tight hips can cause poor posture and this pose does a great job of releasing the tension. 12 squats x 3x

Boat Pose


This ab exercise is incredible for building strength in the spine and helping you to practice good posture in order to balance. This will help your body stay in good posture and remind your shoulders to stay down and back. Hold for 30 seconds x 3x

Clasped Chest Stretch


If you sit all day your shoulders are constantly hunching forward. Take this incredible stretch to counteract all of the negative side effects of keeping your shoulders and back hunched. Hold for 1 minute then switch the clasp and hold for 1 more min.

High Plank


High Plank is going to strengthen your entire core, chest, back and shoulders to help your body build the strength to hold yourself up right. Hold for 45 seconds x 2x

I really hope you will incorporate these exercises into your everyday routine. Your posture will unfortunately only get worse if you’re not proactive about it now. For me using the PROFOOT insoles mixed with these exercises, I know I will have good posture for years to come! Xo Melis